No One Cares About Your Events and Programs

no one caresIf all you’re doing is publishing a calendar of events on your ministry’s profiles, you’re going to miss the people you want to reach.

They come to connect. And be challenged or inspired. They want to engage to learn. They want to laugh. So, unless they’ve already showed up and discovered that they will connect, be challenged and inspired, or  learn and laugh, they won’t really hear you. The less they hear you in social media, the more of a desert your profile becomes.

Give, give, give until they know you care. Welcome them into your circle. And, then invite them.


It’s… other.

otherEverything in life tells us “You earn what you get.”

You work. You get a paycheck.

You break the law. You pay the penalty for the crime.

You study. You make good grades. You slack off. You fail.

You workout. You get in shape.

You reap what you sow.

But the grace-way is another way. It’s completely other.

It stands out because it goes against the grain of our you-get-what-you-earn world. The Bible calls God’s grace on the cross foolishness to the world.

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Fragile.Amidst all the connectedness we experience in social media, there is a strange epidemic of people feeling alienation. It hasn’t infected everyone. There are some who navigate social media relationships without ever feeling alienated or left out.

But it has left a scar on many. Maybe that’s because with our lives “on parade” we are more likely to expose our fragilities to one another. And if people aren’t careful about maintaining the human element of relationship in spite of the screen that divides, we can end up shattering or bruising those sensitive spots. Continue reading