Goodbye 2013 | Hello 2014

new year.I love the New Year!

It gives me the same feeling I get with a fresh notebook or the beginning of a new project. It’s a blank canvas, just waiting to have its story told.
Frankly, the story of this past year has been awful one I’d never choose to repeat. I told Jeremy last week that I’m totally and completely over 2013. I’m eager to wave goodbye to this year because each time I thought, “I’ll be able to catch my breath after __________. It will get easier!”, we’d get slammed with some new challenge on top of another crisis. It really would be funny if it wasn’t so difficult. Shock has dissolved into a way of life. What happened in November feels like a year ago. What plagued my thoughts this summer is a distant memory. What happened before May seems like a decade ago. I lost count of how many times my heart broke. Even in the midst of all that has transpired this year, God gives grace. Somehow I found peace in each day. Somehow I counted blessings in each circumstance. People, that did not come from me! Believe me.

Did I mention that I love the New Year?

Now you see why I’m really loving the New Year. I’m so ready for that clean slate feeling. I’m anxious for the possibilities in front of me and thrilled to leave the past behind.

It’s like that with grace.

I mean, when you are given grace, you get the clean slate. You feel like dancing in meadows (which I’ve yet to do) and writing a beautiful story. Grace inspires us. Grace makes us reach higher and think loftier and give more freely. And it should.
Grace doesn’t mean that we slam our eyes shut to the past and forget from whence we’ve come. We bring that wisdom into this moment. The past is part of my story, but it isn’t who I am.Grace allows you to live in the moment. It gives you freedom to draw from the past without having to haul it around with you. It puts a clean canvas before you so God can tell His story through you today.And that, friends, is pretty spectacular!