Writer’s Block


It’s one of the most cherished gifts I’ve ever received. And yet, as I sit here staring at this blank canvas, I find the words are hard to gather.

Maybe it’s because of how vast the subject of grace is. How many words and songs penned center on God’s grace to us? David Crowder sums up the immensity of His grace by simply and profoundly saying,

“If His grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking.”

Maybe it’s fear that makes grace a difficult subject.

When I dig into grace I find my significant need for grace. I remember one person put it like this: Imagine you’re really good for your whole life. Let’s suppose you only sinned three little itty bitty sins each day. Over an average life you’d still have to account for 84,000 sins! The sheer quantity is enough to make even a good person shrink back. When I’m more realistic with myself, it’s not just how many but how awful I know I’ve been. That, in light of knowing I’ve been given blessings far and away beyond not being punished as I deserve. It’s enough to leave my hands trembling at even approaching the subject of grace when I consider just how terrible I’ve been. (Ironically, that’s the very thing that gives me experience to talk intelligently about the matter.) Either way, discussing grace brings to mind mountains of failures I’d rather not revisit.

Maybe it’s because I feel inadequate.

I’d like to think I’ve somehow been able to extend grace to others the way it’s been extended to me. The reality is that I fall short. I’ve felt God’s grace to me. And I’ve felt God’s grace as it was given from other people. It’s funny how grace from the right source can almost seem shocking. When it’s given by someone who should be the least likely candidate to extend it, it’s enough to blow my mind and leave me speechless.

Regardless, I want to talk about grace. Because crazy, stupid, over-the-top grace is the most important subject in the world.